Saturday, April 8, 2017

IKEA Swedish Meatballs and Mirrors

The We haven't been to IKEA for a long time. We went to Woodbridge Virginia on the last trip. All I remember was that it was packed with customers and the traffic was terrible. So when we decided to track down some mirrors I was looking for for our tiny 70x76 inch closet turned in to a monk's room, we headed to IKEA in College Park Maryland instead. It definitely seemed a lot closer and was much easier to access. But because it was during the week it made a huge difference in both traffic and parking. We decided we would stop for lunch before we started the hunt and ended up with the traditional Swedish meatballs and chicken tenders, with a salad and soft drink - all for $16. I had been searching and searching for a mirror on the internet for the past couple of weeks and came upon some 12x12 inch squares that when put together, would make for a nice wall cover with 9 squares. That is just what the tiny monk's room needed - something simple but also large enough to brighten and enlarge the space. My husband preferred the vertical wood framed mirror with a shelf. We decided to get both since the price was unbelievable and each piece would have a good use. So our trip to IKEA was a success. I'm not sure we would go back anytime soon, but it was definitely worth the trip.

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