Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Firstime Manufactory Steel Whisper Wall Clock

We first saw it in Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was a wall clock that grabbed my husband's attention. We weren't exactly looking for one, but I was thinking about getting a wall clock for the new tiny bedroom we made out of a seventy by seventy inch closet space in our studio condo. I always know when my husband likes something, so we asked if there was one available in the store. Of course, there wasn't. So we came home and I ordered it on line through Amazon. It arrived yesterday and we hung it up at the foot of the bed. It uses one AA battery and makes no sound at all even with a sweeping second hand. The funny thing is that the company it comes from resides in a neighborhood where we used to live in the Midwest, but of course, was actually made in China like almost everything else we buy these days. It reminds me of the time when everything was made in Japan. As for the clock? We think it's a great addition.

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