Friday, April 14, 2017

Home Depot Commercial Electric LED Puck Lights

Having turned our 76x70 inch closet in to a "monk's" room, the light fixture from the ceiling was too much light. Even with a dimmer switch the light would emit from a 16 foot height, which isn't very cozy. It works for a closet, but nor for a tiny bedroom! So we studied our options and decided that under counter lights might be the best option since the space is so small, we didn't want to hang anything from the wall, and it would have to be battery operated. Because the closet clothes rack and shelving is staying in place, the LED puck lights sounded good. So we visited Home Depot and checked the stock. We ended up with three Commercial Electric puck lights. Each one takes three AAA batteries. I first installed them using the sticky tape that comes with them, and so far two of the three have stuck well. If they don't hold I'll use the tiny screws instead. In the meantime the lights provide just the right amount of light for this tiny space. We will still have a dimmer switch added, but when you are in bed and ready to go to sleep, you just want to turn the light off from an easy place - right above your head.

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