Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Boothill Cemetery in Billings Montana

Of all the states we visited on our cross country trip to the great Pacific Northwest this month, Montana and North Dakota lead the pack for the most unimpressive. They were just so desolate. I can only imagine how they are during the winter months. What saves North Dakota is the movie Fargo's woodchipper at the visitor center. The Dumas House of prostitution in Butte helped Montana, but the Missoula hotel wasn't so great. When we arrived in Billings, we had an opportunity to drive around a bit and visited the painted caves, which were a bust for us. But before that, we found Boothill Cemetery. I thought it had major significance until I saw that there is a Boothill cemetery in about every state. The only noteworthy inhabitant in this one is the person who communicated the demise of Custer at Little Big Horn, only to be killed trying to save the wife from her husband during a domestic argument. But we looked around anyway. There were several poor souls buried there - many unaccounted for. It's in the middle of a very busy intersection and hardly seems an appropriate place for something like this. It is a reminder of the difficult times for all the people who came before us. Luckily things have improved; but some things don't change.

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