Thursday, June 22, 2017

LLBean Cooler was a Lifesaver

We are on the last 85 miles of a cross country trip from DC to the great Northwest and back. The last few miles is always the worst. Along the way we tried to maintain a reasonable diet, but we failed miserably in the exercise department. We usually walk at least two and a half miles every day. I think one day we walked almost five, and the rest was nothing! We started out the trip with cheese crackers and peanut butter. That would be our lunch every day, along with cherries, grapes, and oranges. I would pick up a banana at the hotel. We needed to replenish the fruit somewhere in Wyoming and again in Fargo, North Dakota. But we also needed to keep the fruit cool in a container, and our LLBean Cooler did a great job. It's just the right size for all the stuff we brought along with some cookies and water bottles. It also saved us the time of having to stop and spend needless time getting lunch. So we don't know when the next mega trip will be, but we are glad we had the cooler for this trip. But I think we are ready to get back to our routine.

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