Sunday, June 11, 2017

Photo Disappointments

I pride myself in taking reasonably decent photos. I use them for my daily blogs, Instagram, and tumblr. And I keep the very best ones for myself.  For whatever reason, I have not been able to capture the great photos I would like to - while we are in the car. With one phone assigned to google map duty that needs to be switched on and off to preserve data, and the other phone being used as the encyclopedia to look up all the things we are seeing, and a third hand looking at the hard copy map trying to chart out the route we are on .... it's been a royal nightmare. Every time I put my head down to look something up, the cows standing in the water pass by not once but ten times. And all the cool stuff that looks remotely western and so far removed from Washington DC skips by me before I can get focused. It's been a frustrating day and I can see it when I look back at the junk I have stored on my phone from today. I'm not sure why it is so awful this time around. The glare and driving dead west doesn't help either. I think I just need to kick back and forget about it all - and enjoy it for what it is - and just store it away in my head.

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