Saturday, June 17, 2017

North Dakota Has Very Large Statues

On our way to Fargo, North Dakota from Billings, Montana, there is a lot of nothing, and I mean nothing. I would be hard pressed to come up with seeing a live human being for most of the way to Bismarck, which is half way through North Dakota. We heard that would be the case, but didn't quite believe it. Now we do. What we did see, however, were very large statues or sculptures of different animals. Luckily they can all be seen from Interstate 94 because we would not have gone out of our way to see them otherwise. But the idea they were put there did keep us interested in the trip at this point in time. On the "Enchanted Highway" in Dickinson was a metal sculpture of birds flying; in New Salem was a very large cow; in Woodlawn was a huge heron; a sign that read to "be nice" in Stirton; and a huge buffalo in Woodbury. Thank goodness we saw the buffalo there because we sure haven't seen many otherwise. Montana and North Dakota were not very exciting after all the states before them. I'm sure they are just fine in their own right - just not along this particular path. Maybe that's why we found these diversions so interesting. There wasn't much of anything else.

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