Tuesday, June 6, 2017

GE Refrigerator Cleaning and Defrosting

I am not even sure if it is even needed, but my husband likes the idea of turning off the GE refrigerator for a day and then using the time to clean it out. Since we have two tiny apartments, we can move the contents of the two refrigerators between the two places. It is an odd situation the be in, but it works well for us, particularly when we have out of town guests. We have one side and they have the other. The ten year old refrigerator has required a couple of maintenance calls over the years, and one of the suggestions was to do this shut off thing routinely. And I can also say that the ice makers quit working on both of the models within the first couple of years. The same thing happened in Milwaukee. So since we are low on groceries, yesterday was the day to move everything around, get rid of junk, clean out the insides, then re do it all over again on the other side. I now know that I would definitely get a different type of refrigerator in the unit that has a table sitting in front of it. Having a one swing out door is unwieldy - a double door would work much better. And it is so big we can't open the dishwasher door. As for the other side? It has a double door but it can't be opened all the way because it hits a wall. The sizes of the spaces for the refrigerators in both units are odd because of the small spaces and limited options. Having two of everything has its advantages. But it also means double the cleaning time.

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