Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Fargo Woodchipper - You Betcha!

As our cross country trip from DC to the great Northwest and back is winding down, we are still looking forward to the best parts. I feel much more comfortable in the Midwest - after all we lived in Milwaukee for thirty years. On our way to St. Paul to visit with friends today, we first stopped in Fargo, North Dakota after driving from Billings, Montana yesterday. And there was only one thing we wanted to see - the woodchipper from the movie Fargo. I found out it existed when I searched the movie's filming locations. My husband LOVES this movie! So at the Fargo Visitors Center is the woodchipper, a movie script, and other stuff. The attendant offered to take our photo, and of course we obliged. When we travel, we stop to see this kind of thing. Apparently there is a real following for the woodchipper - there is even a woodchipper wine. In case you don't make it inside the visitor center before it closes, there is a replica woodchipper out front so you won't be too disappointed. It was a fun stop in an unusual place. When we picked up our key at the hotel desk and thanked the receptionist, she replied "you betcha!" That says it all.

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