Thursday, June 22, 2017

Minnesota School of Botanical Art, Minnehaha Regional Park, and Minneapolis

When we stopped in Saint Paul, Minnesota to visit two dear friends of ours, we were taken on a tour of Saint Paul, and also Minneapolis. We were also introduced to a delightful artist, who started the Minnesota School of Botanical Art. It is located at the Longfellow House in Minnehaha Regional Park. It was so interesting to see the watercolor process of preserving and documenting the plants of the wildflower garden and finally meeting the person we had heard about for so long. After walking through the park and seeing the waterfalls, we drove to downtown Minneapolis. We passed by the Guthrie Theater, and stopped by the Mill City Museum. I always wondered what went on inside those huge concrete cylinders where Food Medal Flour and the Pillsbury Doughboy resided. The film about the history of Minneapolis was probably not as uncommon as so many other cities, but it was presented in a very quirky way. Then we walked downtown over the Mississippi River on the stone arch bridge and absorbed the high level of activity around us. We had a wonderful time in Minnesota. It would not have been the same without our friends taking the time to show us the sights.

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