Monday, June 12, 2017

Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful

Neither my husband nor I are in to the great outdoors. When we traveled to California from DC last year, we bypassed the Grand Canyon. So now, as we are taking a road trip to the great Northwest this time, we decided we better stop and see Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. First we passed through the Grand Teton National Park. (I'm so glad we have our national park passes that get us in to all these places free of charge!) It was well worth it as we have never seen this type of  landscape before! It's nothing like Colorado or Utah. Then we passed through Yellowstone, entering on the south side. We figured Old Faithful was something we could not miss and headed in that direction. If you want to see a tourist trap hidden in nature, this is the place to be. The throngs of people hanging around for the geyser to burst were astounding. We didn't read anything about the timing of the next spectacle or check the visitors center. I just thought it was on the hour. We weren't disappointed, but we were very eager to get to the car and the exit before the show ended. So we did our one absolute necesssity as we make our way around the last few states on our cross country trip. The worst part is that there is no internet connection. I don't like living without that sort of thing - not even in Yellowstone.

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