Sunday, June 25, 2017

Camp Miniwanca near Muskegon Michigan

When we took the Lake Express Ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon, Michigan we hadn't planned on taking one additional side trip. Before we boarded the boat in Milwaukee, we rode around our old neighborhood and sent a photo to our son of his best friend's house. One thing lead to another, and he asked if we would be stopping by Camp Miniwanca when we reached the other side. I checked the map to see if it was near our landing point and it was. The reason he was interested was because for about three years running, he spent a few weeks each summer at Camp Miniwanca. I think he learned a lot about everything there, even though he wouldn't really admit it. But the fact that he asked if we were passing by meant something. So after we disembarked from the Ferry in Muskegon, we drove over to the camp. It didn't look very familiar - after all, it's been over thirty years. And back then, we drove through Chicago and up to Michigan to get there. It was too early in June for the camp to be open, but we drove around and took several photos and sent them to him and his wife. She was thrilled to see them because she had heard so much about the place. It so happens our grandson was just sent for three weeks to Colorado for his second Outward Bound excursion. Though it is not Camp Miniwanca, the idea is the same. I think the experience was quite memorable all around.

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