Monday, June 5, 2017

Contact Grip Premium Liner

We were just in the Container Store getting a couple of new linen laundry bins. Then I realized that the floor of the counter underneath the kitchen sink needed some attention and all the cleaning stuff needed to be sorted through and reorganized. There isn't enough space to put in a double rack to stack stuff and make more space, so there are limitations. I like bins for everything because they keep things somewhat in check. And under the kitchen sink gets messy over time - as evidenced by our clutter. I reclaimed two metal dish racks that were in the outside shed so I could put all the bottles in something and keep everything off the floor. Then we went back to the Container Store to find a shelf covering that was opaque rather than clear plastic. We found something called Contact Grip Premium Liner and got a roll big enough to do the job and then some. So we took everything out of the undercounter area, dumped a few things, and started to reorganize. Once done, there was a space in between the dish racks for all the plastic grocery bags. Does it look better? I think so. But I'm still glad there are doors to cover it all up.

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