Monday, May 9, 2011

The Amtrak Train to Ashland Virginia

We took a two hour train ride with friends from DC's Union Station to Ashland Virginia, which is just north of Richmond. The idea was to take a train ride somewhere to experience the adventure, as it had been some time since we've taken a passenger train in the US. We traveled through the heart of Civil War territory, and when the train stopped, our hotel -the Henry Clay Inn- was about 10 feet away. We strolled down main street along the rail road tracks, had a great dinner at The Iron Horse, played games on the Ipad on the second floor porch while the rain fell, heard the trains running all night long (ear plugs are provided), and had a delightful return trip back to DC the next day. It was relaxing and fun, like in the old days, before all the airport security scrutiny. The company was even better! There's always somewhere to go for a day/overnight trip around here. In the old place, it was Chicago, or Lake Michigan, and not a lot in between.
The train passes right through the main street

The depot is tiny and nice

Homes from the Civil War period-the train track is a major attraction.
The Stonewall Jackson funeral train stopped here on the way to Richmond.

One of the primary "businesses" of Ashland
A scenic street with a freight train passing through -
the locals must be used to it!

A few steps from the depot to the Inn

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