Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DC Jury Summons

Just what I wanted to get in the mail....not much comes in the mail anymore these days, so to make it worse, a jury summons arrives. They have made it very convenient now to complete all the paperwork "on line" rather than deal with the weird perforated envelope. I received a summons shortly after we moved here, got as far as jury selection, and never made it. My husband was called when we moved here too. He's never selected either. Then he recently received a summons for a grand jury, but luckily got out of it. It's one time when being a "senior citizen" can work in your favor! Our daughter in law has been called a few times as well. Unfortunately, there's enough criminal activity around here, so the courts will always have something to do. I'm hoping it only lasts the one day, and I hope I can bring my IPad with me. I was called one time in Milwaukee for jury duty the whole 30 years we lived there. Now I've been called twice in 5 years here.
This is one time I wish I didn't qualify

Aren't you happy to get this type of mail?

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