Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Catfish Hunter

Our grandson was here when I arrived home after work and had some of his baseball card collection with him. Because my brother was a pitcher and was drafted by the Orioles, I have some familiarity with the "famous" names of the 70's. Baseball games were always playing on the television in our household. So, our grandson would ask for a name (that I could remember) so he could pull out the matching card. For some reason, Catfish Hunter stuck out. And when my husband walked him back home, he insisted that my husband stay there until he could round up another 7 Catfish Hunter cards. He could only find one, and insisted that it be brought back home for me to see (again). The card is now prominently displayed in the living room, and makes me think how some things never change.

Still famous 40 years later

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