Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Concert Dress Rehearsal

We walked over to the Capitol grounds last evening because it was simply a beautiful night, and the Memorial Day concert dress rehearsal was taking place. We did not go in to the event, because you have to pass through security and we may actually go to the real thing tonight. Along the way were interesting sights, and we heard the music and narrators- just didn't see much of it. The crowd was moderate, and every language was heard. We stopped along Independence Avenue on the way home, but the buses, motorcycles, and trains drowned out whatever sound there was. One of our neighbors passed by on her way home. and we chatted a bit. One block in from the main street and it turns in to a regular old suburb. That's what I like most about living here.
Headed in the right direction
Behind the stage and the back of the jumbotron

Looking for a hand out-
the American Indian Museum in the distance

In spite of the clouds, it stayed dry!

We sat on the bench in front of the Rayburn Building

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