Thursday, May 26, 2011

The New Yorker- A Fight For the IPad

I love my IPad. I always liked electronic devices and I really like this one. I had an IPod, then my IPhone, and now this. I knew it would be really neat... we also got one last October for my 88 year old mother, who lives in Florida. She never used a computer before, but I knew this would be the easiest thing for her. Now she gets her own books, plays word puzzles, listens to Polish music, and sends emails to people she likes to hear from. My Dad would have really enjoyed it too, but at 92, he likes the TV most. From the minute I get home it is in my hands... to check email, play games, surf the net, and most recently, draw/illustrate- all on the couch. And it always goes on trips with us. Well, now the New Yorker is available on the IPad for no extra cost if you have a subscription. My husband does have a subscription, and until this time has not really used the IPad unless we're playing games together or looking at photos. I showed him how the app works, and he obviously loves it. So much so that I can foresee the need for another one in short order. But for now, he can use it while I'm at work- and that's about all!
Once you read it on the IPad,
there's no going back to hard copy! (Cover by Peter DeSeve)

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