Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Longworth Post Office - Open the Package First

I needed to mail a package and it is convenient to do so in the House Office Building that is connected via tunnel from The Library of Congress. It wasn't a problem getting it through the security checkpoint this morning in to the Library. But when I wanted to take it to the House Office building, I had a feeling it wouldn't be so easy - and it wasn't. I also thought I should bring some tape with me, but didn't. At the checkpoint in the tunnel the guard asked that I open the package for inspection. He even offered to help me cut the tape. Inside were four children's books I'm mailing to our son's in-laws. I then passed through the tunnel, saw the usual sights, Capitol tour lines, shoeshine, key shop, and interesting architecture. When I reached the Post Office they weren't too happy about letting me use their priority mail tape, even when I asked for priority delivery. That's why the next time we need to mail a package I'll let my husband do it, or I'll need to keep it open until I get to the Post Office. 

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