Friday, April 18, 2014

Space Heaters, Old Buildings, and Major Inconvenience

It happens every year. The heat in this old building is turned off and the temperature outside plummets. That leaves us with few options but to deal with space heaters or anything else to stay warm. For most of the winter I have been using my Venture heated clothing "blanket" in the evenings. You wear it like a bathrobe, and it has a plug in feature that acts like a heating blanket, but I have never used that option. But without central heat in the room, it gets quite cold. The poor little Betta fish has been shivering all week. Of course, the newest "silent" model heater doesn't work. So we had to drag out the loud space heater from The Sharper Image that has functioned all these years. We also have a small heater from Frager's in the bathroom because you can't install a decent modern day heat system in this charming old building. On top of that, we have to sit around all day and wait for the repairman to come and fix the leaky bathroom sink...this will be the third attempt. The building is also having maintenance work that requires us to be in our apartment in the afternoon. Usually none of this is a big deal. But my schedule just changed to part time after forty years of working full time. Most of these house repairs occur when I am at  work, because my husband is retired and available. But not today, on a Friday. We are trapped here and I am very annoyed. On days Iike this I miss my modern 1950's nicely renovated home with central heat in Wisconsin. Charming Capitol Hill doesn't cut it. 

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