Friday, April 25, 2014

Two Beeps and Tree Lined Streets

There are certain places in this town that there are bound to be altercations of the driving kind. Traffic can get snarled in many places. And with the narrow streets and impatient drivers, it can get nasty. Twice today we needed to use the horn to get folks thinking straight as they seemed lost in space. Once was along Independence Avenue by the Capitol where a limousine driver was veering from one lane to another without a signal. Turns out he was on the phone, which is supposed to be against the law (?) The second time was a lost soul trying to take the Georgetown exit where the Whitehurst Freeway also begins. She simply wouldn't move and we waited long enough. All of this was superimposed by the beautiful blooming tree lined streets along the way. On our return home we came upon two more intersections where beeping always happens, but luckily today it did not. Near the Lincoln Memorial is a ridiculous entry on to Independence that only race car drivers can manipulate. And near our house is a multiple street intersection with such confusing traffic signals many near misses prevail. We've even had a pedestrian scream at us for not moving when we know the light is red.  It seems to go along with the general attitude around here. People are typically rude and that is something not known in the Midwest. We only hope we are not becoming like most of them here. 

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