Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Trip To Fragers

Whenever we need household type items, we take a walk to Fragers. We bring along our reusable bag to carry the stuff back. Rather than head to the National Mall for the routine daily exercise, we go in the opposite direction for several blocks. We were in need of HVAC filters, gorilla glue, and chair sliders. Of course, once we got there, we found several other things we probably needed. That includes square batteries for the fire alarm, a couple long lasting light bulbs, a white paint pen, and a humidifier to counter the extremely dry condition in our house. Luckily it was not too heavy to carry home. One of the filters we needed was a very odd size, so the salesperson cut one down for us so we got two out of one and didn't have to deal with the mess ourselves. One thing about living in a neighborhood like this is the fact that you can walk to a variety of needed places without having to drive to them. So as long as we are able, this suits us fine.

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