Friday, December 9, 2016

Waldo, Lawtey, and Stark Speed Traps

There is even a sign for it. Driver beware - Speed trap ahead! A couple of years ago when we were traveling through Lawtey Florida, we got a speeding ticket which resulted in a fine and having to take a driver's class. It was a good refresher, but I would prefer to do things like that on my own terms. We traveled through there many times before without incident. I was so disgusted by it that I spoke to Senators Rubio and Nelson offices on Capitol Hill to refute it. Of course they knew about it, but did nothing. So I took it up with the state senator and rep's offices and received a reply that they were working with the police department there about it. Yea, right. So now every time we drive through this part of the state we are extra careful. And wouldn't you know - we saw someone was stopped by the police in about the same spot we were. Some things never change.

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