Thursday, December 15, 2016

Union Station Christmas

During the summer when it was sweltering outside on most days this year, we walked to Union Station and air conditioning. It was quite pleasant walking the three levels and sometimes stopping for breakfast before we headed home. Today was a very different story with temps in the twenties and a wind chill that brought them in to the teens. But we are prepared for the cold, having lived in Wisconsin for thirty years. On went the long underwear, fleece, wool socks, Lumberjack hat, gloves, and down coats. Rather than see the train exhibit at the botanic garden, we headed due north out to Union Station because the wind was blowing right at us from the west. When we got inside, the big Christmas tree was on display, a gift of the Norwegian Embassy. Along side were posters detailing  the history of Norway and US relations. Unfortunately, the train was not running in the center of the atrium. There was some hustle and bustle, but it was just too darn uncomfortable to pay much attention. We had so many clothes on we needed to leave quickly because we were getting too hot! At least we have options when we walk about the city. We can't complain about that.

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