Saturday, December 17, 2016

US Botanic Garden Christmas

Everyone goes to the the US Botanic Garden this time of year to see the trains. The theme this time is national parks and historic places, from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas to Teddy Roosevelt's home. All of these sites are made out of plant material as the trains whiz by. But there is also the standard featured exhibit in the main hall that showcases what only Washington DC can. Surrounding the long water pools on either side of the main entrance are all the monuments and well known buildings of the area - The Capitol Building, White House, Lincoln Memorial, as well as all the others. This year the Smithsonian Native American Indian Building is also included. Along the way, the lush plant and fruit species are tucked in between the festive tress and ornaments - bananas, cacao, and others. In the end atrium is the huge Christmas tree with Capitol Hill rowhouses and lights beneath it, along with another train circling it all. It's quite the magical place to wander about. And that's exactly what we did yesterday after our morning walk.

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