Saturday, August 12, 2017

Apple TV

We A few months ago we got a new LG HD TV. And to go along with that, we added Apple TV. I have wanted Apple TV for quite some time because I liked the idea that you can mirror whatever is on your iPad or iPhone on to the TV. We didn't however, get a universal remote to control the LG TV, Xfinity, and Apple. So I wrote down the directions to get from one thing to the next so I would have them in case we forgot what to do. Since we haven't used Apple TV for quite some time, we did forget how to get to where we wanted to go. My husband wanted to see season 2 of the Tunnel, and it was only available on Apple TV. So I pulled out the directions and finally figured it out, but added the LG remote unnecessarily to the mix. The little Apple remote is touch sensitive, which I also forgot. The Apple TV is accessed via the menu son the right side of the TV screen by depressing a button on the Xfinity remote. Yes, it does sound confusing, but it actually isn't once you use it again. We once had a universal remote in the days of the DVD, etc, but it required a very expensive battery and we don't have all that peripheral equipment anymore. We prefer  the voice command Xfinity remote as most of our programming is through DVR. We aren't in to streaming much of anything at this time. We sometimes watch a movie on you tube and mirror it off the iPhone. There are just so many options out there that we are okay with what we have ... but what about Xfinity mobile phone service? That's the next thing to learn more about, now that we have everything Comcast. Maybe it's time to say good bye to AT&T.

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