Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pepco Envelopes Snafu

We pay all of our bills on line unless it is not possible. It beats having to use envelopes, stamps, and address stickers. So when I got the usual Pepco Electric bill a week or so ago, I immediately paid for it on line. This week we received a strange telephone call from Pepco. I thought it was a crank call and didn't respond to it. Then we received a letter in the mail from Pepco yesterday. In it was a note of explanation about how they inadvertently did not include the remittance envelope in the last bill and that an envelope was now enclosed to submit your payment in. All I could think of was what a waste of time, paper, and money it was to resend every Pepco customer another letter about their bill. It's not like this sort of thing never happens, and I am sure for some people this is totally not acceptable. If I didn't get an envelope, I would then just take one of my own envelopes and send it along without a lot of hassle. So what did I do with this letter and envelope? Throw it in the garbage. I didn't even miss the fact that we didn't get one in the first place.

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