Friday, August 11, 2017

Facebook Marketplace Confusion

A couple of weeks ago I posted four items on the Facebook Marketplace site. All four items were for custom pet portraits, using different images on each one. It all went very smoothly. Soon after the entries were posted, I received notice that they were not within policy, so I appealed their decision to no avail. It seemed so odd because there were several other items listed for the same type of thing. Then I noticed that I was blocked from Marketplace. That made even less sense, so I contested that outcome by "reporting a problem" and to please advise. I also mentioned that I was getting the little red notification marker on the Marketplace icon and could not access my messages. But then I received a message that my items were approved, but I was still not able to access the site. So I kept checking the Marketplace page. It took a few days when all of a sudden, three of the four items were approved to renew. There was no explanation - it just happened. I don't have a lot of hope for this site, but it was worth testing the waters. It's just another place to extend my Digitalart brand. Plus I'm the kind of person to keep at something until it is fixed - and it finally was.

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