Thursday, August 3, 2017

ArtYah Shop

They say you should never put your eggs all in one basket. That applies to a lot of things. Since I started painting digital art pet portraits, I opened an Etsy shop and an Etsy webpage, a Fine Art America website, a Facebook page, my own website, wrote three children's books available on Amazon, and established a presence on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. I also have a gallery of pet portraits at the Wagtime Shop on Capitol Hill. I'm always looking for other options specific to custom pet portraits. I think I found something in ArtYah. So yesterday I opened a shop. It takes quite a while to enter in all the required information, connect to PayPal, and load in a few selections. I still have quite a bit to go, but like the way it looks. You can upload a you tube video - and I happen to have one! With each item, six photos can be added to highlight the process and the final product. I even had a request for a "custom button" and Craig responded right away. The website has the feel of a mom and pop shop, which is kinda nice. So we'll see if anything comes of it and I'll keep my fingers crossed for the first sale! I oftentimes wonder how I managed to keep up with all of this while I was working. Luckily I find it all entertaining and it's really a fun hobby. And I have all the time in the world.

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