Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Cucumber Patch - the Big One That Almost Got Away

Every summer we plant two cucumber vines and two tomato plants in our tiny patio garden. The tomatoes have never done well. We yanked those plants out a few weeks ago because they were huge and had nothing to show for it.  But the cucumbers are a different animal. It used to be that we planted them in the garden and they grew along the garden bed, hidden behind the flowers. Trouble was, invariably, we would not see a few of them until they became so big they were hardly edible. So we have since rigged up a system where they grow vertical on the fence. We tie them to some string and they seem to like it, and the cucumbers are quite visible - or so we thought. Now we could blame it on the construction going on in our house. All the equipment is taking up a lot of space on the patio and we haven't been paying as much attention to the garden because it it hard to reach. But my husband has been checking on the crop every day and swore the huge cucumber would not have a chance. Well, yesterday he was proven wrong. Not only was it huge, it was wedged in between the fence slats. How it got there we will never know. But the fact that it became hidden in plain sight remains a mystery. There is just something very sneaky about those plants. So we were proven wrong again this year. But the fate of the cucumber remains the same.

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