Sunday, August 13, 2017

Fine Art America and Zazzle Sales

I have been painting digital art portraits for the last few years. I have an Etsy Shop, my own website, an Artyah Shop, and a gallery at the Wagtime Shop on Capitol Hill. I also like taking photographs and have several of them, along with my digital art, on Fine Art America. On Zazzle, several of my early digital art paintings are available on a variety of products - and there are millions of products on that site! What I like about Zazzle and Fine Art America is that I don't need to do anything when there is a sale - unlike a custom pet portrait where the process just begins with a prelim sketch to a final portrait, with a whole lot of back and forth conversation with the customer in between to get it just right. So whenever I get a sale email from Zazzle or Fine Art America, it is exciting because someone actually finds something I painted or photgraphed, and likes it enough to want to purchase it - out of the thousands of options that are out there. My personal reimbursement is quite small, but it tickles my fancy just to know someone has an interest in my work. I need to update my Zazzle account because there have been a few glitches and I have been too lazy to get figured out. Because you never know what someone might like, and it is always very unexpected.

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