Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Walk to the DC Courthouse for Jury Duty

I had jury duty last week and had to be at the courthouse by 8 AM. I was called for a murder trial and was there most of the day only to finally be released after the jury quota was met. My husband had jury duty this morning and didn't have to be there until 10:30 AM. He drove me the one mile because it was early in the day. But we decided to walk this morning instead, and then I would walk home by myself. We took our time, and arrived within twenty five minutes. The place was jammed with traffic and pedestrians alike - maybe it's because the holiday weekend ended and all the real business begins. So after I dropped him off, I started back and took a little different way home, trying to stay in the shade as much as possible. There is a complex of courthouse buildings, and a very shady park. Crossing The street takes you to the art museum, then pass by the Capitol building and on to the the US Botanic Garden. I stopped a bit to check out the flowers, and the bees, and the views. Then I headed up Independence Avenue in the shade of the house office buildings. In the end it only amounted to 2.8 miles!  By the time I took a shower, had a slight bite to eat, and settled in to write my blog the phone rang. It was my husband calling to get picked up. He was already dismissed after just two hours! Another example of Wiley Coyote. He was glad to get back home. 

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