Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Container Store 3M Command Damage Free Hanging Metal Hooks

We've used the 3M hanging free hooks on the backs of the doors in both the bathroom and the large closet. They come In handy when we have guests. In the hallway is a long corridor where a combination entryway clothes and shoe rack resides. There used to be a clothes tree next to it, but it really cluttered up the space. We moved it to the bedroom behind the tall dresser and things looked neat again. But the hallway rack was still full of stuff. So we went to the container store to invest in eight more hanging hooks that require no drilling or hammering to install. They just stick very well to the surface. What we gained are extra places to hang the everyday jackets that will be needed when the weather gets colder. From the living room, the view remains unobstructed; from the other side the empty space is now put to better use - and the clothes tree was decluttered so that only scarves are on it and it is easy to sort through it and find what you need. When you live in a tiny space, every inch counts, and it still needs to look somewhat presentable. The rack will get bulkier when the winter coats come out, but at least we made good use of the space. And we even found the mirror above the rack that was hidden behind all the clothes. It makes the space a little bit brighter. That piece of furniture isn't the best looking thing, but it is very practical! You should see how many pairs of shoes are housed in the lower section! 

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