Sunday, September 11, 2016

Roadrunner (My Husband) and Wiley Coyote (Me)

Some people are born under a lucky star, and my husband is one of them. I, on the other hand, was not - to a lesser extent. Things just happen in his favor which oftentimes benefit me. He always says he  doesn't have any expectations and things just work out. Three things happened in the last week which brings this concept to light. None of them are significant, but the outcomes are usually on his side, and are just plain noticeable - to me! We went to a program at the Library and I took the seat that typically has a better view - on the aisle - the one my husband usually takes. Right before the program started - you guessed it - a person with a lot of hair sat right in front of me, while his view was totally unobstructed. We both had jury duty within one week apart. My start time was 8 AM - his was 10:30 AM. I'm the one who likes to sleep later while he is up at 6 AM. I was almost stuck on a murder trial and was at the courthouse all day long; he was hardly there for two hours when he was told he could go home. We both received Chase debit cards for the inconvenience of the jury duty. When we went to the bank to cash them in, his was authorized and mine was not. There are many more examples of these sorts of things that it is almost comical. I always loved the Roadrunner Looney Toon cartoons. Now I know why! 

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