Saturday, September 10, 2016

HP Envy 5660 e All-In-One Set Up - How Things Have Changed!

My printer bit the dust after about five years. I tried everything and couldn't get the cartridges to align and the print jobs had major streaks. I need my printer primarily to make 8x10 copies of my digital art pet portraits to display at the Wagtime shop and occasionally to make copies of documents. I was also having trouble getting it to print from my laptop, and copying any black and white documents. I've never had anything but HP printers, so I did my homework and read the reviews about the latest HP printers available. I had an idea of what I wanted, so we headed out to Best Buy in Alexandria. I needed to see the printers rather than order on line, and have my questions answered too. It came down to one of the HP ENVY models. They were much cheaper than any of the printers I have ever owned. The drawbacks were two print cartridges rather than four, and the photo tray could not be size adjusted. Other than that, I didn't need a document feeder, the color touch screen display, and any increase in speed would be appreciated. After talking to the sales rep, I decided to go with the ENVY 5660, and it was a $60 discount. I always dread setting up equipment based on past experiences. But either I have become sufficiently knowledgeable (which I doubt) or the products and the systems have simply become so much easier to work with. No longer are CD's required - just smart phones, iPads, and apps. Nothing makes you feel better than a "congratulations" page to say the set up is complete. But only until I actually printed something from all my devices did it matter. After setting up my iPhone and iPad, I had to tackle the dreaded laptop. And to my surprise it was a snap. I saved the original box until I am certain it works properly. In the meantime I need to figure out how to dispose of the old printer and leftover very expensive ink cartridges. I understand both Best Buy and Staples have recycling programs. I guess that's something we will do next week. 

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