Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Concert on the Capitol Lawn

We went to the Memorial Day dress rehearsal concert in May on the west lawn of the Capitol. It was quite busy for a dress rehearsal, and we heard the Beach Boys. Smokey Robinson and Kenny Loggins were at the dress rehearsal concert for the Fourth of July. We knew the weather was going to be lousy for the fireworks so at least we got in some of the activities. We ended up standing and or walking through most of it. When we first moved here ten years ago, we bought folding chairs that are carried in shoulder bags. But they are ten pounds each and we used them probably twice. So last evening we decided to attend the Labor Day concert and brought a blanket and a couple jackets since it is starting to feel more like fall in the evening. This concert is really low key compared to the others - the crowds are smaller, the security is less visible, it's not telecast, and the show itself is typically the national symphony orchestra playing music with no "big" name acts. We got there exactly at eight and sat down on the blanket. I have to say it was the worst concert we've been to in ten years. Either the crowd was not animated, or the group that was there chose the worst songs to sing - no one had ever heard of her or them. What was nice was the absolutely beautiful evening. And it was the first Labor Day that I knew I wouldn't have to go back to work when the holiday weekend ended. 

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