Friday, September 2, 2016

Subaru Starlink TPMS -Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Works

When my husband came to pick me up at the courthouse yesterday (I escaped having to serve on a jury), he noticed that a warning light was shining yellow on the dashboard. It's been almost a year since we got our 2016 Subaru Forester that replaced our eleven year old Forester. This car has a lot of new safety and technical features that the old one didn't, and this was one of them. Of course, we have a check up scheduled in two weeks and this problem couldn't have waited until then. Anyway, we have a subscription for Starlink, and had just received a safety check report for August. So I looked up the report again and saw that this symbol meant a problem with the TPMS - tire pressure monitoring system. None of the tires were flat, thank goodness - but we didn't know if this meant a real problem or a technical glitch. We read in the manual it could be either, but it was not flashing yellow - just a constant signal. Since we never experienced it before, we drove to the gas station a couple blocks away and asked the guy to check the pressure. Apparently, all the tires needed a bit of air. And within a few minutes, the yellow warning light went out. What was also interesting was that we received an email from Starlink notifying us that the TPMS light was on along with instructions on what to do. When I looked up the report again, there was a red exclamation point next to this line item instead of a green check mark. But since I already knew the issue existed, was checked, and resolved, we both felt better - not only about the fact that it was resolved, but that it's nice to also get notifications about these types of things in case you didn't notice. So now we know it works, and are glad it happened before we were on a trip somewhere. It's always nice to know something before it causes bigger problems - especially anything to do with a vehicle that you depend on. 


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  2. Thanks for the kind words!