Saturday, September 3, 2016

Weird Week - Power Outage, Library Program, Jury Duty, Visitor, TPMS, Dinner Date

It was an unusual week. Since I've been retired for a few months, a new routine set in. It is a much more pleasant one than the daily work grind - a routine I was very happy to get away from. Monday was a power outage that lasted several hours - the second one in two weeks. After a bit of a hiatus, we went to a program at the Library of Congress. It's always a nice break to go there and I invariably run in to a past colleague or two. Unfortunately I was summoned to jury duty and was in the pool for a murder trial. Luckily they reached their quota of jurors before my group was interviewed by the attorneys. Our daughter in law was in town for the day for work and stopped in unexpectedly - always a very pleasant interruption! We realized that the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) works just fine on our Subaru Forester. Starlink is a good thing! And last evening we had dinner at the Tabard Inn near DuPont Circle with some good friends. Now that it is Saturday, I would say it was a half and half good and bad experience this week. And for the first time in many days, it's in the 70's rather than the 90's. That means we might actually take a walk in the evening (my favorite time) rather than the morning (my husband's favorite time). And that would really cap off a very odd week indeed. 

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