Saturday, September 24, 2016

Scaffolding and Copper Rain Gutters

It was supposed to take two to three days. Of course, nothing ever is finished on time around here. The building needed new rain gutters and it's a difficult thing to maneuver when they are located above the fifth floor. And of course, our tiny patio garden sits right below where the scaffolding had to be erected. The pounding and hammering started early one morning and lasted most of the day - just to get the platform set up. The actual work didn't take nearly as long, but the unfortunate part is that they started the pounding and hammering at seven in the morning. That's fine if you get up for work. But since I retired this year, I don't get up much earlier than 8:30. Of course, it also rained for the first time in three months which delayed the project. Luckily for everyone, the new copper gutters were completely installed by yesterday - two weeks after it started. Then the process of dismantling the structure started, which involved flying debris in to our garden below. But all in all, it really went quite well, and the workers picked up after themselves and really didn't damage anything. I'm sure they are used to working in such unusual circumstances. We're just glad this issue was finally addressed. The sad thing is it will start all over again when the roof repairs begin. 

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