Sunday, September 18, 2016

HP Printer Replacement Ink Cartridge Program

The primary use for my printer is to make my digital art pet portraits come to life so I can display them at the Wagtime Shop. My old printer bit the dust a couple weeks ago and I researched HP printers and decided on the HP Envy 5660 all in one e printer. Of course, none of my old ink cartridges will work in the new printer, but I was intrigued by the mail in ink replacement program that HP offered. I always seem to have to make special trips to get the ink, never really knowing exactly when it would need to be replaced. So I signed up for the cheapest option at $2.99 a month, with the first three months service charge free, and my introductory kit just came in the mail. The program starts once I insert the replacement cartridges that were sent, and then the printer orders the new ones on line when it figures out it is running low. The program is based on sheets printed rather than by month, and the price for the ink is supposed to be a lot less. Also enclosed in the kit is a recyclable pouch that you send back to HP postage free when the cartridges are empty. So far I am happy with the printer and looking forward to seeing how this works. At least now I only have two cartridges rather than four. It's a necessary evil for my artwork, but it's well worth it! 

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