Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jury Duty Again

I haven't gotten up this early since I retired this year. And of course I was assigned to the 8AM jury duty session. I brought along an apple and a sandwich just so I don't have to deal with lunch. Since it is raining today, my husband drove me to the courthouse when I could have easily walked. Everyone looks thrilled to be here, or maybe I am just projecting my mood on everyone else. It feels like I was just here - it's the fourth time in ten years. It was like going back to work having to go through the magnatometer. Then I took the escalator to the third floor and was the second in line to get checked in - they happened to be calling everyone as I walked in. I found a place in the jury room next to a window so I could at least enjoy the scenery below. I am hoping they will let us out early because of the upcoming holiday weekend. What's new this time is a Visa debit card to collect my $4.00 transportation fee and maybe $30 for the day? I'm glad I have my iPad so I can doodle a bit. The wierd thing is that my husband gets to come here next week. For that reason alone I hope I'm not called to serve. 

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