Monday, September 26, 2016

HD Night Vision Glasses

My eyes are terrible. I can't see the side of a barn without my glasses. Sometimes I can see things up close without them depending on the light. One thing for sure is at night things are really difficult to see beyond the halo of headlights. I wore contacts since I was 16, but switched over to glasses about 15 years ago because my eyes were always so dry. But I could always see better with contacts. Every once in awhile I need to drive at night so I decided I should try a pair of HD night vision glasses that wraparound my existing glasses. Of course I was skeptical but they only cost ten dollars. I tried them on the other evening and they surprisingly helped. Everything is clearer with a yellow tone rather than bright blinding lights. One of these days I know I will probably need cataract surgery, but we are not at that point yet. I told my husband he should try them out too. I'm not sure he ever will, but I'm keeping a pair in the car from now on just in case. 

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