Thursday, September 15, 2016

Library of Congress program - Mehdi Saeedi - Persian Designer & Visual Artist

The last time we came to a program at the Library of Congress my view was completely blocked by a larger person with very big hair. This time we had good seats with no one in front of our space. We came to see a Persian designer and visual artist - a subject matter very different that usual. This is one subject I find more interesting because it involves art and visuals. Just getting to the venue is always well appreciated because we have to walk through the great hall of the Jefferson building. Before heading there we first stopped for lunch at the Madison Building where I had coffee every morning for almost ten years while employed at the library. It was a somewhat interesting presentation. At least the speaker made good use of showing us things rather than just speaking. However, my husband usually gets more out of it because he understands the subject matter and language more than I do. Nevertheless it is a great opportunity to spend some time in a great surrounding. Afterwards I sent an invitation to the speaker on LinkedIn. He responded soon after to it. It's nice to connect to artists rather than business or health care types after all these years. After all, now I spend time creating digital art pieces. Certainly nothing like his, but at least it is in the same discipline, and a lot more fun. 

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