Friday, September 23, 2016

Muscat Grape Jelly from Merry Hill

It's not every day we receive home made jelly made out of real grapes from a vineyard on a farm in North Carolina. We've had home made jelly before - my husband concocted quince jelly. It has a peculiar taste for a particular person - and the quince fruit itself tastes like a wooden apple. We even had a quince bush in Milwaukee that we hoped would supply us with quince. That never happened. Yesterday one of our friends stopped by after work and brought along two glass containers of Muscat grape jelly. On the card was a picture of the old tobacco barn in the background and a the grapevine in the foreground. I recall him talking about the grape vines that he started planting there many months ago and he spoke of eventually making wine and such. And so he held true to his word. And of course we had to try it as soon as we opened one of the jars. It was quite good - I would actually eat it. I much prefer the jelly to preserves, and typically go for grape jelly. This was less sweet than most but was quite nice, and the color was interesting too. In the end it's not so much the jelly as the idea that he thought of us while making it. Now every time we have it we will fondly think of him and his family. What a sweet - and tasty - notion! 

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