Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Capitol Fourth Preparation and Evening Walk

With all the rain this week I didn't think we would get a chance to take our usual Saturday evening walk around the Capitol grounds. But we were in luck last evening and started at the Botanic Garden where a few bees were feasting on the cactus flowers, and from the front of the building the view of the American Indian Museum was pretty against the sunset. Obviously the Washington Monument sits prominently from a lot of different angles and serves as a lighthouse of sorts for us should we ever got lost. The set up for the Capitol Fourth has been underway for at least a couple of weeks. It seems the Memorial Day concert was just here! The annual PBS event starts at 8 PM on Thursday with Barry Manilow the leading performer! The best part Is the 1812 Overture playing with cannons sounding by the reflecting pool. There is no official public dress rehearsal for this event that I'm aware of, except if you hear some practice while passing by on Wednesday. We heard Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson singing in preparation for Inauguration in January. On the east side of the Capitol is a great spot to sit and observe. The dome of the Capitol is reflected in the fountain that covers the glass ceilings of the visitor center. The Library of Congress Jefferson Building looks magnificent this time of day. What is most amazing is how quiet it is here in the evening...oftentimes I can get photos without a single person in view. And that's what I like about living on Capitol Hill. It feels like I have it all to myself.

***Update:there is a dress rehearsal at 7:30 on Wednesday evening on the West lawn of the Capitol. 

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  1. Your sunset pictures are absolutely gorgeous, Lois... your blog may inspire me to walk that time of day (I said 'may'...) I'm far more energetic in the morning and actually love being awake very early. Before the traffic starts...the birds are singing... otherwise it's very quiet--