Monday, June 24, 2013

Dominicans, Buddhist Monks, and Mennonites

While roaming the Capitol grounds in anticipation of the super moon, a convergence of sorts ascended upon us. A small stage and microphone was sitting in the middle of the East Lawn across from the Supreme Court. About twenty Dominican priests and nuns traversed across the lawn. I asked one of them what their business was and it was to say a vigil for peace. I recognized the order due to my familiarity of the garb from grammar school. Next up were a couple of Buddhist Monks walking by the Bartholdi Fountains. And finally about ten Mennonites posed for a timed photo with very sophisticated equipment - which gave them away as not being Amish. Among all this was the lone Capitol Policeman on a motorcycle parading along the sidewalk. Everyone, including me, seemed to be captivated with the surroundings. Every one of us, except the policeman, were making every effort to capture the moment with our electronic devices - but for seemingly different reasons. 

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