Friday, June 21, 2013

Hyatt's Graphic Supply Company Reminds Me of Frager's

I use foam board to mount my digital cat and dog renderings at the Wagtime Shop. I used to get large boards and cut them to size using a straight edge and scalpel. But the straight edges weren't as straight as I would like, so I thought I would try getting some pre-cut boards. Staples didn't have what I needed, so I thought I would try Amazon, which of course has just about everything. I ended up with a company called Hyatt's on Main Street in Buffalo, NY. The package arrived within a couple days, but it was literally crushed, so I did not have a lot of hope for the squishy contents. Only two of the four pieces were barely salvageable. I sent off a note to them last night with a photo and received a response early this morning, asking if I wanted a replacement or a refund. I really didn't want either, just wanted to send a friendly reminder to be more careful with packaging this kind of stuff in the future. The invoice said it was a family owned business since 1959. It reminded me of Frager's and I appreciated their quick response and follow up. And I just didn't have the heart to make an issue of it. 

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