Saturday, June 29, 2013

Along Constitution Avenue

Usually we take Independence Avenue home but decided to go up Constitution for a change of pace.  It was a big mistake because I forgot about the road work going on that narrows the lanes to one. And folks are so polite around here, it makes it so worthwhile. (I just read somewhere that DC is the worst place for traffic especially during the summer because of congestion, accidents, and gas prices). But it gave me an opportunity to check out our surroundings at a much slower mph. The Smithsonian Folklife Festival is open through the July 4 holiday. This year celebrates Hungarian heritage, endangered languages, and African American Diversity. The American History Museum had a small line, and remains one of my favorites. We saw a truck driver taking a siesta across the street from the huge lines at the National Archives. The  sidewalk vendors still sell batteries for Kodak cameras! A very old tourist was being manhandled very carefully by his family members, one wearing a neck brace, trying to avoid the very impatient cab driver who couldn't understand why the car in front of him didn't want to mow down the people crossing the street. The roads are blocked in front of the Capitol as the area is being prepared for the Fourth of July concert. In spite of the threat of afternoon rainstorms predicted, we may need to attend the concert to hear Barry Manilow, and see the greatest fireworks display in the country. It is always entertaining to check out the Mall, in an air conditioned vehicle, but I'm not the one doing the driving.  

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