Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Reflective GW Parkway Drive

Our friend was away over Christmas so it was time to catch up. So we decided a drive out to McLean Family Restaurant was in order. The weather was unusually lovely for January, our visiting relative joined us, the ride along the GW Parkway is always pleasant, and our final destination is always busy with a lot of interesting people. In fact, our faces are becoming familiar to the owner - something we always valued and appreciated in Milwaukee and never thought could happen here. It wasn't quite sunny, and the Potomac River was silent, which created some whimsical and reflective views. The geese are on the move both on the water and in the signature V shape above. There were two Kennedy Centers, Lincoln Memorials and Memorial Bridges, Georgetowns, and Pallisades kayakers along the way. The restaurant had it's usual customer base of Newt and Mrs. Gingrich, Jon and Mrs. Huntsman, and a Senator we don't know the name. It's a place to eat and run because there is never extra space. But the best part was being together with people we like, and enjoying the remarkable view along the way.

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