Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hawk N Dove

Up along Pennsylvania Avenue SE is an establishment that has been in operation since 1967. It closed down, changed hands, has since been rebuilt, and is almost ready to reopen. Everyone who lives in the neighborhood knows Hawk n Dove. It sits between The Tune Inn and Kay Wigs. We visited it on many occasions before we moved here to Capitol Hill from Milwaukee. It was an interesting old place with a lot of character. (Please refer to previous blogs on this topic!) Last week we heard that the new owner, who also owns half the restaurants along eighth street, ran out of money to complete the project. But today I noticed there were want ads for bartenders and the like, with at least two years of experience, to be hired for the opening that is planned in February. Bullfeathers - just down the street from us -was a place like Hawk n Dove. We used to frequent it every week. Every time I passed to and from work I would wave to the wait staff that we came to know so well. But it became like all the other places after it was sold and renovated. It's now more like a chain than a very distinguished grungy place. I can't remember the last time we went there. I know we will return to the new Hawk n Dove. I'm just hoping we like it as much.

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